I am a French artist with over 10 years experience with Computer Graphics. Used to work in team and freelance work. I am specialized in architectural visualization, In love with the beauty, creativity and perfection. But always open to new challenges and opportunities, share my creativity and improve myself !

My freelance website (actual job) : www.oniric-studio.fr


3DsMax / Vray / Photoshop / Unreal Engine

Other Softwares : Autocad / Zbrush / Fusion / Vegas / Unfold3D / Quixel

Currently Learning : Substance / Marvelous Designer / Nuke / Unity

For more details : you can download my Curriculum Vitae

" Nothing can keep you away from the need to create,    cause your path is free... "  Wintersun - Starchild

© 2019 par Stephen Breux



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